Bow To The Lions

by Bow To The Lions

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released February 2, 2017

Music and lyrics written by Bow To The Lions.
Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Alex Cappa at "The Metal Factory"
Cover & inside illustrations by Antonio Bravo.
FX in "Into The Storm" by Mike Koenig, Mark DiAngelo & Grant Evans.



all rights reserved


Bow To The Lions Pamplona, Spain

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Track Name: Rest In Peace
A flashing light in front of you,
with the sounds of all sorrows left.
Advertising what’s coming up.
Stay alive!
Stay alive!

Broken chains!

Death in life is all you said.
All colors had faded.
All reasons had exploded.
Death in life is all you said.
All fights had finished.
All sounds had vanished.

One bullet, one shot
is the chance of losing all.
One second, one life.
What the fuck’s broken the sky?
Regardless of the sins, everything is unsettled
Stay alive, is all you need!

The time is flowing like sand,
and the expectations aren’t good.

Death dreams are coming,
and they’re inside us.
They’re inside us.
The dark death dreams.

Beneath the skin is the soul we have.
Don’t let it die, don’t let it die.
It’s not worth it even if it’s all over.
Track Name: Damnatio Ad Bestias
Watch out, the stars have fallen.
But we're still standing here.
See the blood on the lion's throne.

What's that in front of us?
A memory from the past.
And now we are falling again.

Kill me or I'll kill you.
That's the lesson we've learned.
And now we have the knife on your neck.

It seems we are silenced.
But we've got a lot to speak.
We will become the voice.

Fists up! Combine the rage, the anger.
Seek for something new.
Take back what they struggled for.
This is not what we deserve.

Survivors from this nutcase war.
Against their poisoned arms.
There's something we can save.
Fight against Goliath.
I will pray to no god.

Drowning, just drowning in this ocean with you.
Where the stars weren't falling down on you.
Falling, just falling in the debris of this world.
Where to fight is our quest.
Our only quest.
Track Name: No More Fear
Staring at the mirror, and seeing a stranger.
A coward that has become part of nothing.
Searching for hope in all the tears she shed.
Now with a torn heart she’s sailing.

And here we go again.
Silence in the dark while the light tries to shout.
It’s time to react.

Remember the smiles.
Why did you lose them all?
You’re free to escape this crystal cage.
It’s not worth it to allow this conviction.
Hear that voice inside your mind. Hit the wall!

Break free from there.
Spread your wings to the horizon.
Break free from there. You’re not alone.

This time, it’s your time.
And blood won’t run anymore from your eyes.

Hit! Explode! It’s the end. Break free from that.
Don’t run, just stand. Rebel against that!

Remember smiles. Why did you lose?
Why did you fight for something that will die?
You’re free to escape this crystal cage.
Why did you shout against yourself?
Where’s my soul, my world, the stars that you stole for me?
Hear my voice, my breath. Take my hand and walk with me.

And I will shout. No Fear.
There’s no more fear. There’s no more pain.
Track Name: Heartless
Now! While the tide is rising,
keep your breath and don’t ask why.
Forget the sun that lights us and return to reality.

Why is it so hard to breathe?
With this pressure pushing on my chest.
Now being heartless, it’s easier to survive.

This selfishness will save me,
Now it’s not you, it’s me.
Did you have to make me feel alone?
This dark soul lets me rest.

Falling apart from my shattered world.
This is the bastard I’ve become.
I’d rather have you far away,
than have you kill me again.

Breathing airless. Dragged to despair.
Drowned nowhere. Exhausted by dreams.
Save me from here.

Take me away from this poisoned heart.
Take me away. This is not the way to die.
Take everything back!

This poisoned heart weighs so much.
I can’t see through your lies. Now I am gonna live!

With my last breath I’m coming up.
I hope you feel this some time.
This ending is not fair.
Let me rise up.
Track Name: In Memoriam
This light is turning off.
While my mind was torn apart.
Don’t let go off my hand. We’ll run away.

Stay with me, look at me.
Why is this cold burning me?

Don’t run. Stay with me.
Don’t shout. I’ll be there.
Please hold me. I’m not ready.
I’m not ready (ready) to leave.

When the dark comes in front of you.
Keep the memories lighting up your life.
It’s not the end, I’ll meet you soon again.

Listen to the sound once again.
While me and you close our eyes.
I’m here with you. Holding your hand.
Even if you go, I’ll stay. I’ll stay!

As the passenger of a deciduous life.
Let your star shine in the sound of noise.
To make your mark in every heart.
In this heart, we rise!

Tell me where to go. Tell me where you go to.
Tell me where to find you. Tell me where you’ll wait for me.
Tell me.
I’ll go.

This is our last goodbye. But I know you’ll be there.
This is our last goodbye. But I’ll be there.
Track Name: Wanna Know
I wanna know if the silence says,
stay quiet or move fast.
I wanna know if the adrenaline
moves me or kills me.
I wanna feel this forever.
Even if my heart stops beating.
I wanna shout so loud.
But this is all I’ve got.

So set me free, living in the wind.
Let me roar as the lion inside me.
Fuck the world this is our sound!
I wanna play and this is all I have.

I wanna forget my demons and feel alive.
I wanna shout and break ‘em all.
I wanna use my instincts and be wild!
I wanna fight for this world.
I wanna touch this madness. This madness.
I will always keep on fighting.

My love. My inspiration.
My pride. My absolution.

I wanna shout.
I wanna break myself.
I wanna say what I’ve never said.
I wanna be. I wanna live.
I wanna tell so many things.
I wanna stay. I wanna go.
I don’t wanna close the door.
I wanna kill you. I wanna miss you.
I wanna hate all of you.

I won’t close my eyes again.
Track Name: I Can't Breathe
These four walls, I know as home.
Where’s the exit? I feel alone.

What have I done wrong? If I’m this way.
Why don’t you like me? If I’m the same.

It’s not fair, you imprison me.
I can’t breathe this way.

I’m in a cage, in between these isolated walls.
I’m running away from myself.
I’m in the darkness while
my eyes are a flash of life.
I can’t breathe this way.

Insanity, loneliness, obscurity, go away!

Exploding from inside.
Burning the script of life.
Where my will is alive.
Breaking the jail tonight.

I escaped from here.
From something that’s not real.
Now you won’t escape,
from something that will be real.
I can, I can bring you down right now!

I won’t be in a cage anymore.
I will be the one carrying my one life.
I can see the light.
I’m not running away.
Track Name: We Are One
We are the ones that fight
against themselves.
We won’t fade.
We won’t.
We are the ones that shout
against them always.
We are the uncovered hearts.
We are the strength of the wind
and the dreams of dust.
We are what they don’t want to hear.

We shout, we shout, we shout against ‘em all.
We shout, we shout against the unforgivable.

We are the toxicity of every city.
We will be the ones
that won’t explain to
our children what happened.
We won’t be the pawns.

We will fight ‘til death.
We will give our blood
for new hopes, for lives.

The time goes.
The sky falls.
The worlds fall out.
We still believe.

We are, we are the new clockwork.
We are, we are the new clock and a new world.

We are one.